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Kit Inventory Lesson FAQ

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Find out more about our kit inventory lesson for students here!

Where is the kit inventory activity?

This quick lesson is available after the prerequisite lessons in every course. Students can complete it once they have received their kit and unlocked their course.

If your sections for the upcoming semester haven’t been created yet, the kit inventory lesson will be automatically included in your new clones. If your sections have been created and you want to add the lesson for this coming term, please reach out to your Account Representative.

How long does kit inventory lesson take students to complete?

The full kit inventory takes approximately 30 minutes.

Is the lesson graded?

By default, this quick lesson is worth 0 points, but you can absolutely assign points to the evaluation question if you’d like. The choice is up to you!

Does this affect my LTI set up?

If your section requires students to access lessons via LTI links, all you need to do is add one new lesson link to your LMS. You’ll find the lesson hooks and information needed in your course settings page. See instructions on how to add new lesson hooks in Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, or D2L/Brightspace.

Can I turn off the lesson?

Yes. The lesson is included in all new sections by default, but if you’d rather not have students complete it, you can hide it from their view.

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