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Adding Lesson Hooks in D2L/Brightspace


This set of instructions will walk you through adding lesson hooks in your D2L/Brightspace course. This allows students to access Cloud and enables their grades to transfer back into D2L. If you need help locating the LTI credentials for your course, please follow the steps in How do I find the LTI hooks for my course?

Make sure you have completed the steps in Adding Course Hooks in D2L/Brightspace  before completing the steps below.

2. Select "External Learning Tools" from the drop-down

Find and copy the "Tool Provider Key" and "Tool Provider Secret" in SI Cloud

Paste the Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret into the "Key" and "Secret" fields, respectively

7. Select "Add customer parameters." In the "Save Changes" pop-up, select "Save"

Please read Which hook is best? to help you decide which lesson hook you should use in your course.

8. Insert the Lesson hook information as shown below

Note: the hooks are displayed in SI as "lesson_hook=hol-mlesson-********." When performing this step, "lesson_hook" is placed in the name section. Everything after the "=" in the hook is placed in the value section (hol-mlesson-********).

9. Select all check boxes for the security settings, then select "Save" and "Close"

12. In the expanded properties, select the checkbox to "Open as External Resource"

Follow the same procedure in the previous article, Adding Course Hooks in D2L/Brightspace, to open as an external resource. Do not select the "eye" icon for the lessons.

Students will be redirected to the first page of the lesson that has been linked.

14. To add a lesson to the gradebook, select the lesson in Brightspace/D2L. In the assessment section, select "Add a grade item..."

15. Fill in "New Grade Item" details as desired

16. Repeat steps 1–15 above for each additional lesson in your Science Interactive course

If you would like to see how the SI Gradebook works, please see How to use the SI Cloud Gradebook.

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