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Setting up Lesson Web Links in Blackboard (Classic LTI 1.1)

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Once you have set up the Course Web Link, you can set up individual web links for each lesson. You will need to establish one web link for each lesson in the course, which will allow grades to transfer between SI Cloud and Blackboard.

If you need help locating your LTI credentials in Cloud, please see How to find the LTI Credentials for your course

1. Select "Content" on the left side of the Blackboard menu.

3. Fill in the Name and URL fields.

Name: Put the name of this lesson here (i.e., "Laboratory Safety — Science Interactive). 


The URL can also be found in SI Cloud under "Tool Provider URL" in the LTI Credentials.

5. Copy and Paste the Key and Secret from SI Cloud into their fields.

Find the Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret in SI Cloud.

You can find the key and secret in SI Cloud (see How to find the LTI Credentials for your course). They will be called "Tool Provider Key" and "Tool Provider Secret."

Copy and paste them into the "Key" and "Secret" fields in Blackboard, respectively.

The "Tool Provider Key" field in Cloud should be pasted into the "Key" field in Blackboard. The "Tool Provider Secret" field in Cloud should be pasted into the "Secret" field in Blackboard.

If these inputs do not show up or are not fillable, please send your Blackboard Admin this article: Register SI Cloud as an LTI tool provider in Blackboard (Admin instructions).

6. In the "Custom Parameters" field, copy and paste the lesson hook from SI Cloud.

The lesson hook can be found under the lesson's name in SI Cloud and looks like this: lesson_hook=hol-mlesson-xxxxxxx.

Find the hook SI Cloud:

Paste the hook into Blackboard:

7. Scroll down the page and ensure you have included additional settings as desired.

These settings, which are not explicitly mentioned in this article, do not affect your integration and can be adjusted at your discretion.

8. Select "Yes" on the Enable Evaluation radio buttons.

9. Set the points for your Blackboard gradebook as desired.

Blackboard point weights you set here do not have to match the weights in SI Cloud point.

10. Select "Yes" next to "Open in a New Window" and also next to "Permit Users to View this Content."

11. Select "Submit" at the bottom of the page to save changes.

You will be returned to the Blackboard Content page.

12. Repeat steps 1-11 for each lesson in your SI Cloud course.

Once all the lesson links have been added into Blackboard, your course is fully integrated and students can enroll in SI Cloud and complete SI Cloud lessons. They do this simply by selecting the links you've created in Blackboard. Grades will also transfer automatically into your Blackboard gradebook.

Once you have added all of the lesson hooks to your course, selecting a lesson link in your LMS will take you to your course dashboard, not to the individual lesson like it does for students. Don't worry, though, this means that everything was set up correctly!

If you run into any of these common error codes, see instructions here:

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