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How does Science Interactive work to prevent plagiarism?

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The SI curriculum team is aware of content posted by our students on the major cheating websites, including Chegg and Course Hero. With the continuing popularity of online courses, we have also seen a corresponding increase in the number of our documents uploaded.

To combat these issues, our team searches these sites daily for uploads from our students. These searches are performed by lab name, experiment name, and by searching individual questions - this is because many students remove key words from the documents to circumvent the search engines on these websites.

Typically, SI will pull down 200 - 500 instances of copyright infringement per week. On Course Hero, documents submitted under copyright infringement violation are pulled down within 24 hours. Chegg tends to be a little longer, with about a 7 - 10 day turnaround, as their system is not automated to the degree of Course Hero.

Despite this, we know that students will continue to upload documents to these websites. Should you find any instances of plagiarism or a link to a document related to your class on Chegg or Course Hero, we encourage you to e-mail it to your sales rep so that we can submit it for pulldown. Additionally, please consider using our question customization feature if you wish to change or vary the questions your students encounter by semester. You can find more details regarding this feature here.

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