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How do I Upload Images From a Mobile Device?

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Some exercises in SI lessons ask students to upload photos to a Data Table.  This article provides help on retrieving images from a phone or tablet.

Images being uploaded to a Data Table must be in .JPG or .PNG format.

Uploading an image directly from your phone or tablet.

If you are accessing your lesson on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet (except Apple devices; see below), using that device to take your photo and then selecting the "Upload an Image" button in the lesson's data table should allow you to upload the photo directly. 

You may need to ensure that the web browser app on your device has permission to access your photo library. The manufacturer of your device will have information for you if you need help with this.

Sending an image taken with phone or tablet to your computer

There are a couple ways to send an image from your phone or tablet to your computer.

  1. The simplest method that should work for all manufacturers and operating systems is to use the email app on your device to email the image as an attachment to yourself. You can then open the email attachment on a computer, save it to the hard drive, and then upload the image.
  2. A cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox can be used to send the image from your mobile device to a cloud service that can then be accessed on your computer.

Some device operating systems (such as Android) use a compatible photo format by default. These photos should be able to be uploaded directly into Cloud if you are accessing your lesson on your mobile device.

Remember to check that the image you're attempting to upload is in .JPG or .PNG format.

Apple iOS users

Most Apple devices default to taking photos in a format that is incompatible with Cloud. The above steps (emailing the photo to yourself or using a third-party cloud storage solution) should reformat the photos for you, but it is possible to make setting changes on your Apple device to take pictures in a format that can upload directly into Cloud.

For information on how to set up your device to take photos in the correct format, check out this article.

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