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Science Interactive Third-Party Product Storage Requirements

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For the purposes of this document, “third-party,” and “third-party facility” refer to any institution, organization, bookstore, vendor, or storage facility that is not owned and operated by Science Interactive Group, LLC.

The terms “Lab kit,” “Science Interactive Lab Kit” and “Science Interactive/SI products” include all science kits manufactured, assembled, and sold under the brand names Science Interactive, eScience Labs, and/or Hands-On Labs. These include kits formerly known by the trademarks “LabPaq” and “StemPaq".

Physical Kit Storage

Except for the items below, Science Interactive (SI) lab kit products are guaranteed to be viable for storage for up to 12 months from the date of production, provided they are stored in accordance with the practices outlined in this document. Lab kits may contain perishable items that may not be viable after 12 months, including chemicals, dissection specimens, agars, and antibiotic discs.

SI products should be stored in a temperature-controlled environment away from direct sunlight and water sources. SI products can be stacked up to 5 feet in height and should be stored off the floor and on a shelf or other storage apparatus.

As of October 2022, there are certain SI lab kit product lines that are not guaranteed for storage in any third-party facility, and should only be stored as voucher/redemption code inventory:

  • Microbiology products, due to the refrigeration requirements of certain items, such as medias and agars
  • General, Organic, and Biochemistry (GOB Chemistry) products, due to shortened shelf life requirements

As a one-time accommodation, physical inventory in either of the product lines above can be exchanged for code inventory within 12 months from the date the product was sold. Contact your SI Account Representative for more information.

Third-party Inventory Management

All SI products should be stored and sold using First-in, First-out (FIFO) inventory management practices. The production date found on the front label of each box should be used to indicate storage and sell-by order, with older production dates being stored in front and sold first. Additionally, the best by date on the box indicates when some contents may begin to deteriorate. Please see the image below, showing the location of the production and best by dates on the label

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All SI products are sealed at the time of production with a sticker indicating that the product is non-returnable if opened. A third-party seller can only open a sealed SI product with the express, written consent of SI and for a specific, agreed-upon purpose, such as quality control, return, or disposal.

Voucher/Redemption Codes

Voucher or redemption code inventory, whether digital or physical, should be clearly marked with an expiration date. If you receive codes without an expiration date, please contact your Science Interactive representative. Code inventory should follow the FIFO inventory management practices described above. At any time prior to expiration, the code can be exchanged for the physical product.

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