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The lessons page in your course can be accessed from the course menu and allows you to see lesson content and customize settings, as well as adding instructor notes. The list of lessons (along with any notes you've added here) is the first thing your students will see when they access your course.

Course Notes

This feature allows you to post date-stamped information or updates to your students. Posted notes will be visibile to your students.

Click into the box to start typing, then press save to post your note

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Delete any note by hovering over the gray box, then clicking the "X" icon in the upper-left hand corner.

View Settings
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These buttons allow you toggle back and forth between viewing the course as a student and viewing the course as an instructor.

Note: While in "student view," you can see all the lesson content, but won't be able to interact with any questions, since you aren't actually a student in the course.

Require Sequential Completion of Lessons
HOL - Instance

This setting controls how your students progress through your course. If it is checked, students will have to complete each lesson in the order it is found on the list—each lesson will unlock once the previous lesson has been completed.

If this box is not checked, students will be able to access their lessons in any order (aside from the prerequisites, which must all be completed before any general lesson will unlocke).

View Lesson Content
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Clicking on the title of any lesson will open a dropdown that lists each section of the lesson. Click on any section to see its content. For more information, see Lesson Content Pages.

Access Dates
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This tool allows you to control when students can access each lesson in your course. Instructors who teach synchronous courses often use this feature to make sure students are completing labs as a cohort. For more information, see How to Set Lesson Access Dates.

  • Once a future access date has been set, the open lock will change to a closed lock so you can easily see which lessons are available to students.
  • If no access dates have been set, students will be able to access lessons on any date.
Lesson Order

This tool allows you to rearrange the order of lessons in your course. Simply drag and drop to swap the order of individual lessons in your class. For more information, see How to Change Lesson Order.

Lesson Visibility
HOL - Instance

The checkboxes next to each lesson title allow you to manage which lessons your students can access. When a lesson is unchecked, students will not see it on their lesson list or be required to complete it in order, even if "require sequential completion" is checked.

Note: You cannot uncheck/hide the prerequisite lessons.

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