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How to Download Answer Guides

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1. Select "Answer Guides" in your course menu.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

2. Select the download icon next to the lesson you want to download.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

This may take 5-60 seconds depending on your internet connection and browser. Do not select the button again or close your browser.

3. In the Destination dropdown, select "Save as PDF" (1) and then select "Save" (2).

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4. Select a location to save your PDF, give your file an appropriate name, and select "Save."

How To Save Your Lesson to PDF | Using HOL Cloud | HOL Student Help Guides - Google Chrome

Your browser may not always indicate when the download is complete. Always use your computer's File Manager or File Explorer to find your file by name (Step 3).

Having trouble? Try clearing your web browser's cache and then repeating the steps. Follow these links for instructions:

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