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Exploration Tab

Updated Jan 07, 2021

Clicking the “BACK” button at the top left, at any time, will take you back to the Course Management page and exit the lesson. Use the section tabs along the top (Exploration, Experimentation, Evaluation) and the pages on the left side, to go forward and backward throughout your lesson.

Exploration Overview

  • Time allocation is a mandatory field.
  • Learning Objectives are optional, but empty boxes must be deleted by selecting the "x" next to each in order for the page to save.
  • Test Your Knowledge (TYK) interactive questions can be added. Detailed instructions can be found here for adding questions.
  • You can select the pencil icon in the top right to edit the lesson information.
  • When you are done adding content, don't forget to select "Save."
HOL Cloud Procedures for Instructors.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Exploration Page 1

  1. Add the Exploration Name.
  2. Click inside the box under "Exploration Page Content" to begin adding content.
  3. The toolbar will pop up to format text, add questions embedded in the content, or add hyperlinks.
  4. The left side toolbar is used to add images, videos, and equations that are separate from content. By hovering the cursor over the toolbar icons, a four-way arrow will appear that allows items to be dragged into the content page. Hovering the cursor over the bottom right of an icon displays a "+" sign that, when clicked, will automatically add that item to the content page. Refer to these instructions on adding images, videos, and equations.
  5. Question Time (QT) multiple choice questions can be added. Detailed instructions can be found here.
  6. Once content is added, don't forget to select "Save."
  7. Select the "Add a page" button along the left sidebar to continue adding pages and content.
  8. Once the Exploration tab is complete, click on the Experimentation tab at the top.
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