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Overview of the student’s view in Gradebook and some rules regarding students enrolled in courses.


  • When the Instructor has completed grading the lessons, the grades will be pushed to the student to view. 
  • The student will access their grades the same way as Instructors, through the Course Dashboard dropdown menu
  • By selecting the Gradebook menu item the Lessons page will display all of the lessons in the course, which lessons have been completed, and those that have been graded. 
  • If the lesson has a green bubble to the right,  the lesson has not been completely graded. The student can see those parts that have been graded but an overall score will not be present. 
  • When the lesson has been completely graded the bubble will show a score and color coding according to the Legend. The pulldown legend, to the right, provides a color key. Students will also see the number of points they received out of the total possible points. 
  • Selecting a lesson expands it, allowing students to see the questions and points earned in the Exploration, Experimentation, and Evaluation sections. 
  • Any comments from the Instructor will be designated with a callout icon to the far right of the question.
HOL Cloud Procedures for Instructors.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • When the student clicks on a question, a pop-up will display the question, points, their answer, and any Instructor comments/feedback.
HOL Cloud Procedures for Instructors.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Additional Notes

  • Be sure to delete students that have dropped from a course.
  • Deactivate courses that have ended. This will archive the course.
  • Do not delete students, or attempt to add new students, in order to reuse the course. Courses cannot be recycled in this manner. Duplicate the course instead. Deleting students will remove any record of their grades and course work. Data cannot be retrieved once deleted.
  • Admins can deactivate a course by adding an end date to the course in Course Management, or Science Interactive can deactivate the course.
  • Deactivated courses can be accessed at any time to download student reports, view the Gradebook, and access the lessons/notes.

Courses with an End Date (under "Course Session Date" in Course Management) will deactivate and archive automatically.

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