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How to Grade by Student

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Grading by Student shows you all questions answered by a student in an individual lesson.

You can also Grade by Lesson, which shows you the lesson questions and allows you to grade all students' answers question by question.

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2. In the Student Overview, select a student name.

Green dots in the At-A-Glance list shows you that the student has lessons that are complete but need to be graded.

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3. In the Student page, select a lesson to grade.

Lessons that have been graded will display their grade. Incomplete lessons are indicated with a gray circle. Completed lessons that need to be graded have a black circle.

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4. Select the lesson section to grade.

Some lessons may only have one section, while others may have multiple sections.

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The lesson's questions and student's answers will appear to the right.

5. Scroll down as you grade to view all of the student's work in the lesson.

Each question will display the sample answer in a gray box and the student's answer underneath.

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6. Enter the point value for the answer after "Assign a Grade."

To assign a grade, enter a value in the box with your keyboard or use the arrows to a set a value.

The box will be a gold color to indicate that no grade has been saved for the question.

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Once you enter a value, Cloud will automatically save the grade. The box turns dark teal to indicate that the grade is saved.

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7. To add additional notes or comments for the student, enter them in the text box and select "Save Comment."

Comments do not automatically save like grade values.

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8. Once you have graded all questions, scroll to the top of the page to ensure that a percentage grade for the lesson displays.

If a percentage and point value displays, grading is complete. If it is still a black circle, double check for any ungraded questions.

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