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Enrollment Links: Best Practices

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An enrollment link is a unique URL that allows students to create accounts and enroll in your specific course on the SI Cloud. 

The enrollment link for your course will be updated every semester. This means that you'll need to provide each new class and semester of students with the unique link for that term and section.

Don't want to worry about updating or distributing enrollment links every semester? 

Follow our easy steps for LTI integration with your LMS! With LTI integration, students will be automatically enrolled in the SI Cloud every semester and you don't need to worry about enrollment links at all.

Providing students with the Enrollment Link

Before sending the Enrollment Link

  1. Check that you have the correct Enrollment Link.
  2. Update the enrollment link in any course resources you provide (course content, syllabus, announcements, etc.). 

Sending students the Enrollment Link

  1. Instruct students to only use the enrollment link that you are providing; they should not use any other enrollment link, as it might be for a different institution or course.
  2. Provide students with this student help guide: How Do I Order Through SI Cloud?

Using the Enrollment URL with LTI Integration

Note: If your courses uses LTI Integration, your students generally do not need to use the enrollment link, as they will be automatically enrolled in the SI Cloud course through your LMS. 

However, in some cases, such as if students need to order kits before the course opens in your LMS, you may need to provide them with the enrollment link as well.

Guidelines for providing ordering links when also using LTI Integration

  1.  Students should only use the Enrollment link to order their kit, not to complete any lessons. (Lessons should be completed using the links in your LMS course, which ensures grades transfer properly). 
  2. Students must use their institution email addresses to enroll in SI Cloud. This will ensure they do not create a duplicate account through the LMS links in your course, and also ensures that grades transfer properly.

If your Science Interactive representative sets up your sections for you, they may send you the enrollment link(s) for your course each semester. However, you can always look up the link yourself by following the How to find Enrollment Links instructions.

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