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The course menu provides an easy way to navigate through the various tools in your course. It can be opened by clicking on the three horizontal lines to left of your course's name

Pages you can access from the course menu

Class List

The Class List page shows all students enrolled in this class as well as some helpful information, such as email address, login date, and location. Sort your list using the arrows next to the column headers. Clicking the "X" icon next to a student will unenroll that student from your course.

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The Lessons page allows you to access and customize settings for your course content. You can adjust your lesson order, set access dates, and add notes to your students. For more information on this page, see this walkthrough: The Lessons Page.

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The Materials page shows all materials lists from each lesson in your course. The lists are separated by lesson and then by whether the material is supplied by the student or included in the kit.

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The documents page shows any additional resources provided by Science Interactive for your course. You can also add your own documents here and students will be able to find them. For more information, see How to Add Documents to a Course.

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Answer Guides

The Answer Guides page shows all the lessons in your course and allows you to download optional PDF answer guides to assist you in grading. See How to Download Answer Guides for more information.

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The gradebook tool allows you to grade your students' submitted lessons, customize point values, and track overall student progress. You can grade submissions by student or by lesson. For more information, see How to use the SI Cloud Gradebook

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