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Adding Evaluation Questions to a Lesson

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Evaluation questions test a student's understanding of the Exploration and Experimentation content in the lesson.

The two types of Evaluation questions are Competency Review and Extension questions.

The questions in a lesson cannot be rearranged, so we recommend making sure you plan ahead for what order you want them to be!

Competency Review

Competency Review questions are Multiple Choice or True or False questions. Remediation (i.e., the correct answer) can be provided to students who answer incorrectly. Science Interactive suggests that page references be provided in the remediation so that students can review after completing the competency review exam.


How to add Competency Review questions.

1. In the Evaluation section, select the Competency Review page.

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2. Scroll through the Science Interactive-authored questions and select "Add a Question."

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3. Select a question type and author a question.

See below for details and instructions on authoring each question type.

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Competency Review question types

Multiple Choice
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Multiple Choice in Competency Review are questions in which students select the correct answer to a question from an array of choices.

See how to build a Multiple Choice question here.

True or False
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Functionally, True or False questions work the same as Multiple Choice, except there are only two choices and SI Cloud automatically populates the possible responses for you.

See how to build a True or False question here.

Extension Questions

Extension questions are open-ended essay questions that appear after the student has completed the Competency Review and has had a chance to review their answers. Detailed remediation in the form of the ideal answer can be provided to students so they can self-assess upon completing the lesson.

How to add Extension Questions
  1. Enter the Question Customization tool if you are adding a question to an existing lesson or Custom Lesson Authoring if you are building a lesson from scratch.
  2. Open the lesson you want to customize, then follow the steps found here.

Extension Question types

Essay Questions
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Essay questions allow students to use text and simple formulas in providing detailed answers to questions. Essay questions are sometimes used to receive detailed student observations as part of the procedure.

See how to build Extension Questions here.

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