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Experimentation Tab

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Experimentation Overview

  • Time allocation is a mandatory field.
  • Learning Objectives are optional, but empty boxes must be deleted by selecting the "x" next to each in order for the page to save.
  • You can select the pencil icon in the top right to edit the lesson information.
  • When you are done adding content, don't forget to select "Save."

Experimentation Page 1

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  1. Select "Exercise 1" on the far left bar. If needed, Materials can be added here.
  2. If using Exercise 1 as the Materials Page, select "Add Exercise" to move on to adding exercise content.
  3. Add the Exercise Name and an Introduction.
  4. There is an option to "Add Data Collection," with which the following can be added:

Exercise Pages

Each lesson must have at least one line of content in the Experimentation section in order for the "Save" button to activate.

  1. Click in "Exercise Page Content" to begin adding content for the exercise.
  2. Questions can be added at the bottom of the exercise. See instructions on Data Collection and End of Exercise Questions.
  3. Select "Save."
  4. Continue adding exercises to the new lesson by selecting "Add Exercise."
  5. To easily see the titles for each page, hove the mouse over the left bar.
  6. Once the Experimentation tab is complete, select the Evaluation tab at the top.
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