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How to Set Lesson Access Dates

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What are Lesson Access Dates?

  • Lesson Access Dates control when students have access to lesson content in SI Cloud.
  • Access dates can be set with unique dates for each lesson, or with the same date for every lesson.
  • Lessons do not require an access date; those with no set access date will be available as soon as students purchase a kit and complete the prerequisite lessons (Getting Started and Laboratory Safety).

1. Navigate to the "Lessons" page in an SI Cloud course.

Once inside your course, click on the book icon, then  "Lessons."

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

2. Click the lock icon(s) to open the access date calendar

  • The lock at the top of the list allows you to set all your lessons to same access date
  • The locks next to each lesson title allow you to set custom access dates for individual lessons

3. Choose your access date, then click "Done"

Click the date on which you want the lesson(s) to open, then click "Done."

Use the "Clear" button to remove your date selection and have no access date for the lesson.

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