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Customer service is a core value at Science Interactive, and we are dedicated to providing an excellent experience for you and your students.

If and when questions come up, we've created the resources listed below to make sure you get exactly the answers you need.

  • Instructor Help Center
    • This is the website you're on right now, and it is a great place to start with any question you might have. It includes helpful articles, instructions, and troubleshooting information on a variety of topics. We're always adding new content too, so check back often!
  • Student Help Center
    •  Our student help center is a website just like this one, but curated with articles especially for students. It features tons of helpful resources that you and your students can reference around the clock. We recommend checking here first if students come to you with questions.
  • Your distance learning representative (Instructor Support) 
    • As a Science Interactive instructor, you have a dedicated distance learning representative to help answer your questions. Your representative will reach out to you periodically to check in, but you can always reach out to them with questions or concerns as needed
  • Our Customer Support Team (Student Support)
    • Our student-facing customer support team specializes in helping your students with any questions or issues they might have.  They are a great resource to use for unique situations or issues.
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