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Course Dashboard

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The course dashboard provides an overview of your students' progress through your course and allows you to see more detailed information, such as how long students are spending on the various parts of the lesson.

Locating the Course Dashboard

Click on your course from the instructor dashboard

HOL - Dashboard

Click on the hamburger menu within a course, then select "Course Dashboard"

HOL - Instance

What Data is on the Course Dashboard?

Course Completion

This chart gives you a visual overview of your student progress through individual sections in a lesson. You can switch between lessons by using the dropdown above the chart.

Time Spent on Lesson

This chart shows the time students are spending on each section of a lesson. You can switch between lessons by using the dropdown menu above the chart.

Student Overview

This section allows you to see each student's progress in your course. Hover your mouse over each bubble to see the lesson titles. 

Color indicators

  • Green means the student has completed and submitted that lesson
  • Grey means the student has started work in, but not submitted that lesson
  • White indicates that the student has not yet started that lesson
HOL - Instance

Additional Features on this Page

Download PDFs of student lessons

This feature allows you to export PDF versions of student's lessons. Some instructors like to use this feature to grade manually or to keep records of student work.

1. Click on the desired lesson for that student

HOL - Instance

2. In the modal, select "Download PDF"

HOL - Instance
Unlock Student Lessons

After a student has submitted a lesson, they are unable to go back and edit their answers. However, you can allow students to access and adjust their data in the "Experimentation" section by unlocking them here. Unlocking a lesson does not allow students to re-do the evaluation section.

1. Click on the desired lesson for a student

2. Click "Unlock Lesson"

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