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How to Grade by Lesson

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Grading by Lesson shows you the lesson questions and allows you to grade all students' answers question by question.

You can also Grade by Student, which shows you all questions answered by a student in an individual lesson.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

2. Scroll down the page to find the lesson you would like to grade.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

3. Select the lesson name to see a list of all questions in that lesson.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

4. Select any question name to be taken to the Gradebook page for that lesson.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

5. In the lesson's Gradebook page, select the Experimentation dropdown and select a question.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

This will display all questions from the Exercise in a column to the right.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the student list grid.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome
  • If a grid entry shows any numbers, that means the question has been graded.
  • If a grid entry is an empty circle, that means the student has not answered that question.
  • If a grid entry has a green circle, that means the student has answered the question and it needs to be graded.

7. Select a green dot.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

The question, student's answer, and grade box will appear below.

8. Assign a grade and add any additional comments.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

Remember that the grade value will automatically save, but the Additional Comments text box will not. After entering in any comments, select "Save Comment."

9. Continue selecting questions to grade until complete.

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