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The Lesson Content pages allow you to view all the lesson content in Cloud and add your own supplementary notes if desired. You can also toggle back and forth between student and instructor views.

How to access lesson content pages

1. In your lesson list, select the lesson you want to view

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2. In the sections dropdown, select the section you want to view

You will be able access all other sections as well once you enter the lesson content view

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Questions: Test Your Knowledge and Question Time

If your course is premium, students will be presented with questions at the bottom of certain pages in the Exploration section. You can see these questions by pressing the "Test Your Knowledge" or "Question Time" buttons at the bottom of the pages where they appear.

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Note: While you are able to see the content and answer choices for every question, you will not be able to interact with them, as you are viewing them in preview mode.

Adding Your Own Content

As you scroll through Exploration or Experimentation sections, horizontal blue bars appear under your mouse at some points. 

These bars indicate places where you have the option to insert an instructor note in the form of text, images or videos. For more information, see How to Add Notes to Content (Instructor Notes).

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