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Custom Lesson Authoring Steps

Updated Apr 05, 2021

Science Interactive's Custom Lesson Authoring tool allows instructors to build their own lessons from scratch or to include additional content in their SI lessons. Custom Lesson Authoring enables instructors to:

  • Build learning objectives, content, and questions (Test Your Knowledge question types and Question Time question types) in the Exploration section.
  • Build learning objectives, exercise content, relevant data tables, photo panels, and essay questions in the Experimentation section.
  • Build multiple choice (Competency Review) and essay questions (Extension) in the Evaluation section.
  • Publish and reorder lessons within the lesson list, after the pre-requisites (Getting Started, Lab Safety, and Using the V-scope).

1. In the Instructor Portal, select a course from the My Courses page.

2. In the Navigation Dropdown, select Custom Lesson Authoring.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

The Course Management screen opens in a new window. The standard options of duplicating, removing, and previewing a course are available, as well as "Create a Custom Lesson."

3. Select "Create a Custom Lesson," name the lesson, and select "Save."

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

After following these steps, the Custom Lesson screen will appear. The format follows SI's labs: an Exploration tab, and Experimentation tab, and an Evaluation tab. These are all accessible at the top of the page.

To publish a lesson, content must be added to the Exploration and Experimentation sections. The Evaluation section is optional.

4. Complete all custom notes and questions.

5. Publish the custom lesson.

  • Select "Publish Lesson" at the top of the page. If any required information is missing, a pop-up will appear detailing what is missing.
  • Once published, the Custom Lessons will appear at the bottom of the Lesson List in your course Lesson page.
  • To re-order the lesson placement, close the Custom Lesson tab in your browser and navigate back to the Lessons page. Select and hold on the equal sign next to the custom lesson to drag it into the location of your choice. It must follow the course prerequisites.
  • After publishing, the custom lesson can still be edited by returning to Custom Lesson Authoring and selecting "Edit" to the right of the lesson. When any changes are saved, a pop-up warning will appear saying that all edits will permanently overwrite previous versions.
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