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How to Download A Course Gradebook

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Instructors can download their course's gradebook in order to upload it to an LMS (though we recommend directly linking courses to the LMS your institution uses), to convert to a spreadsheet format for manual use, or simply to keep for the instructor's record. The gradebook will download as a .csv file.

1. In the course's front page, select "Gradebook" from the dropdown menu.

2. At the bottom of the page, select "Export Gradebook."

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

Depending on your computer and browser settings, this may automatically download the file to your Downloads folder, or you may need to manually select a location and file name.

3. You can now open the file in any spreadsheet program.

grades - Excel

Only fully-graded lessons will appear in this spreadsheet. If a lesson includes any questions (such as essay, image upload, etc.) that must be graded by the instructor and the questions are ungraded, no score at all will appear for the student. Grade the student's lesson to resolve any missing scores.

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