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What does the "Sync Grades" button do?

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Courses that use LTI integration and have "enable grading" checked will have a "Sync Grades" button on the Gradebook page.

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The "Sync Grades" button can be used as a troubleshooting measure if you are finding that some or all of the grades in your course have not been fully transferring to your LMS.

Our system sends updated grades to your LMS roughly every fifteen minutes. However, only grades that are newly changed in Cloud (such as a lesson that has just been graded, or one that has had scores manually adjusted by the instructor) are pushed in these periodic updates. The "Sync Grades" button tells Cloud that when the next update occurs, you want all of the grades in the course to be pushed to the LMS. This can remedy some situations in which grades have desynced and stopped updating to the LMS.

If you made any manual changes to a grade in your LMS but not in Cloud, this button will overwrite those manual changes and revert all of the grades to reflect the scores in Cloud itself.

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