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Updated Jan 05, 2021

Selecting the book icon in the top left of your Course Dashboard will show the course's Navigation Dropdown.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

Class List

The Class List page shows all students enrolled in the class, their email address, and the last time they logged into the course.


In the Lessons page, you can adjust the order and access status of your lessons. Additionally, you can post special instructions or reminders for students in the tan text box.


The Materials page includes all materials lists from each lesson in the course. The lists are separated by lesson and then by whether they are supplied by the student or included in the kit.


You can make additional documents available to students (text, pdf, etc.) with the Documents page. Select "Browse files" and find the file you would like to include and then select "Upload File."

Answer Guides

The Answer Guides page shows all the lessons in the Course along with a button to download the answer key for all included questions. See our instructions on downloading the .pdf files.


HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

In the Gradebook you can view and score individual lessons by any student.

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