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Integration Error: ERROR (4010) Invalid lesson hook. The lesson hook given does not belong to your Institution.

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This error occurs when old lesson hooks are attempting to link to the SI Cloud through an integration. This is fixed by replacing the lesson hooks in your LMS.

Make use of these troubleshooting steps if the following is occurring:

  • ERROR (4010) is occurring when selecting lesson hooks in your LMS

Instructors and students should access SI Cloud using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari web browsers to ensure compatibility.

1. Verify that the Lesson Hooks are set up correctly.

Select your LMS to review the specific instructions related to this step:

  • Canvas: Check that the Lesson Hook is in the App you created to link SI Cloud and your Canvas Course in the Custom Fields section.
  • Blackboard or Blackboard Ultra: Check that the lesson "Web Link" has the Lesson Hook in the Custom Parameters section in the Web link setup.
  • D2L/Brightspace: Check that the Lesson Hook is added to the Custom Parameters appropriately. Double check that you have added the Lesson hooks to the Assignments correctly. 
  • Moodle: Check that the Lesson Hook is in the Custom Parameters section in the External Tool setup.

Instructors will be redirected to the Course Dashboard.

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