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Integration Error: ERROR (4222) Bad request. The LMS user field is required.

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This error occurs when:

  • an LTI link is selected in a "student view" or "instructor view."
  • an LTI link was selected in an LMS development course shell that does not have an instructor associated with it.

1. Check that you are not in a preview mode in your LMS.

Student Preview mode (shown below) cannot be used to access the SI Cloud. Exit Student Preview mode and retry the link.

See examples of Student Preview





2. Check that the email address of the course's instructor matches the instructor's email in the LMS.

2.1. In the Cloud dashboard, select "My Account"

Additions to the Error 4222 KB Article - Message (HTML)

2.2. Verify that the email address shown in your SI Cloud account matches your LMS login email address.

Additions to the Error 4222 KB Article - Message (HTML)

2.3. If they are not the same, correct the email address in Cloud. If they are the same and the error persists, contact your Regional Account Manager.

If you are trying to view the course as a student, you will need to create a "test student" in your LMS.

3. If your LMS is Canvas, verify that the lesson's Privacy is set to "Public"
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