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How do my students register/enroll in SI Cloud if I have used LTI links?

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Students are automatically registered/enrolled in a course on SI Cloud when they select a lesson link in an LMS. The LMS/LTI integration works as a single sign-on point in this case. Alternatively, students can purchase their kits through the lesson links. For more information on how student can order their kits please see Ways to Order.

We understand that some institutions do not open their courses on their LMS until the day before the class starts. This can create a delay in students’ ability to order their kit before the class starts. If this situation applies to your institution, we have another option: students can create an account through the enrollment link we also provide to you.

Some important considerations while using this option:

  • Students need to be aware that they should only use this enrollment link for purchasing the kit.
  • While they will be able to access the resources here, if they complete any work through this link their grade will not transfer over to the LMS  grade book.
  • Students need to be using their institution email address when logging in to the enrollment link. If they do not use their institution email when enrolling/purchasing, a duplicate account will be created for them when they click on assignment links in the LMS.

We can lock the enrollment to only allow email addresses from your School’s domain.

To do this, contact your regional account manager with your permission and a confirmation on the Student domain (everything after the @ on a student email address).

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