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Preparing for a New Semester: LTI 1.3 Advantage

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This checklist is intended for returning instructors who use LTI 1.3 Advantage Integration in their courses. 

If you have not set up your integration yet, select your LMS for instructions: Canvas, Moodle, D2L/Brightspace, Blackboard

Welcome back to a new term! 

The team here at Science Interactive is excited to partner with you once again in providing students with a best-in-class distance laboratory experience. We've created this simple checklist to help make sure you and your students get off to an excellent start.

1. Copy your LMS Course for the new term

Follow your institutions policies and procedures to copy your previous term's course into a new section within your LMS

Within your newly created LMS course, you'll click on any link to a Science Interactive lesson, review and confirm the settings page, and then your fully integrated section will be created in SI Cloud and ready to go!

See instructions for your specific LMS here: Canvas, Moodle, D2L/Brightspace

3. Make customizations in SI Cloud (optional)

If you elected to transfer them during the previous step, any instructor notes, question changes, and other customizations you made last term will already be in your new section, but now is a great time to make any other changes if you need to.

4. Share access and ordering instructions with your students as needed.

Remember that if you are using LTI, your students do not use the enrollment URL that appears in the lesson settings page. Your school's LMS takes care of that!

Item 1: Student Access

Provide your students with this link: How Do I Access My Course through my LMS? to help them access the SI Cloud content.

Item 2: Ordering Instructions

Provide your students with the appropriate instruction link below to help them purchase their kits and/or access course content:

If your students will order their kits...
Provide them with these instructions
Directly from Science Interactive
How Do I Order Through My LMS?
Via vouchers purchased from your institution or bookstore
How Do I Redeem A Voucher?
Directly from your bookstore/ institution
I Have My Kit, How Do I Access My Course?

5. Let the learning begin!

You should be all set for another great semester! If you need additional help, don't hesitate to reach out to your distance learning specialist, who will be happy to provide you with resources and support.

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