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Step 1: Creating Apps in Canvas (LTI 1.1)

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This is the first step in setting up your LTI connection between SI Cloud and Canvas. These instructions help you create an app for your SI course as a whole, which will enable Single-Sign on.

Then, in the next article, you will create apps for each lesson in your course, which will enable grade transfer.  in Canvas as part of the LTI integration process. Later in the process, you will link these apps to your assignments to complete the process.

1. Navigate to the "Settings" page in your Canvas course, then select the “Apps” tab near the top of the page.

2. Select “View App Configurations”

3. Select the “+ App” button

4. Make sure "Configuration Type" is set to "Manual Entry"

5. Type a name in the "Name" field

This first hook will be hidden from students, but we recommend naming it "Science Interactive Course Hook" for your reference later

6. Copy and paste the Tool Provider information from SI Cloud into the appropriate sections in Canvas

For help finding your courses credentials in SI Cloud, see How to find the LTI Credentials for your course

  • Consumer Key = "Tool Provider Key" in SI Cloud
  • Shared Secret = "Tool Provider Secret" in SI Cloud
  • Launch URL= "Tool Provider URL" in SI Cloud
Tool Provider fields in Cloud

7. Make sure "Privacy" is set to "Public"

8. Copy and paste the Master Course Hook from SI Cloud into the "Custom Fields" box in Canvas

Master course hook in SI Cloud

9. Click "Submit"

10. Click "Yes, Install Tool."

Once you've completed the steps in this article, you will add additional apps for each lesson in your SI Cloud course. See those instructions here: Step 2: Creating Apps in Canvas for each lesson

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