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LTI 1.3: How do I find my Client ID?

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Your Client ID helps connect your SI Cloud course to your LMS. When setting up Apps in Canvas, your Client ID is a required value.

Your school's LMS Admin has access to this information, but instructors may not. See the instructions below to find your Client ID that has already been created. You may need the assistance of your school's LMS Admin.

LMS Administrators

1. In the Admin page of Canvas, select "Developer Keys"

Courses: Science Interactive Group - Google Chrome

2. In the Developer Key list, find the relevant key. The number string in the "Details" column is the key's Client ID

Developer Keys - Google Chrome
HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see if any character string has been entered into the "Client ID" field

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

In the field above, the gray text is a placeholder example, meaning no Client ID has been entered in this course.

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