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LTI 1.3: Canvas Setup Overview

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Icons representing the steps for integration

Follow the steps below to connect your Canvas environment to your SI Cloud courses. Please note that some steps must be performed by your institution's LMS administrator.

Complete this process for each SKU before you make section copies in your LMS.

If this is the first course SKU to integrate with LTI 1.3 at your institution, follow steps 1-5 below.

If you're integrating additional course SKUs after the first, you'll only need to repeat steps 2-5 for each unique SKU after the first.

1. Introduce Cloud to your LMS (Admin only)

This step must be completed by an LMS administrator and only needs to be completed once for your institution. It does not need to be done for each course. If you are unsure if you need to do this step or not, contact your LMS administrator or Account Representative.

See instructions on how to introduce Cloud to your LMS here.

2. Create your Developer Key (Admin only)

This step must be completed by an LMS administrator and only needs to be completed once per unique course/kit. This will not need to be performed for clones of a course. For example, once you set up a BIO 101 course, all of your clones of BIO 101 will already be set up with the work done in this step.

3. Create an App for this SI Cloud course

Adding an App to your course in Canvas will allow you to add links to individual lessons in the next step. This will only need to be performed once for each course SKU.

See instructions on how to connect your course here.

Once your App is created, set up lesson links in the course so students can find their assignments.

See instructions on how to add lesson links here.

5. Copy your course for additional sections (as needed)

Once your course is set up the first time, you don't need to redo this process for every additional copy of that SKU — just follow the easy process found at the link below to set up already-integrated copies as needed. 

This is the same process you will follow to copy your course for future semesters.

See instructions on how to copy your course here.

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