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Step 3: Connecting the Course App in Your Modules (LTI 1.1)

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This set of instructions helps you connect the course app in Canvas to your Modules, which allows students to use single-sign on. Before completing this article, you should first create an app for the course.

1. Once you have created all of the Apps you will need, navigate to the modules page

For instructions on creating apps, see Creating Apps in Canvas

2. Locate the module where the course hook should go

The course hook will not be visible to students, but we recommend putting this somewhere that you will remember in the future.

You can add our external tool to any module you already have or create a new module in your course by following the instructions below.

3. Optional: Adding a module

3.1. Select the "+ Module" button in the upper right-hand corner.

3.2. Fill in the name of the module, then select "Add Module."

4. Select the "+" button in the upper right-hand corner of the module

5. Select the "Assignment" dropdown, then select "External Tool"

7. Select the "Load in a new tab" checkbox

This link should remain in the course unpublished, because it must be in the course, but students do not need to use it (they use the lesson hooks instead).

Selecting the link takes you to the Course Setup form in Cloud.

10. Complete the Course Setup form in Cloud

For instructions on completing this form, see "Complete the Course Setup page."

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11. Follow the help article called "Step 4: Connecting the Lesson Apps in modules" to complete the LTI process

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