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Step 2: Creating Apps in Canvas for each lesson (LTI 1.1)

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This is the second step in setting up your LTI connection between SI Cloud and Canvas. These instructions are similar to those in Step 1: Creating Apps in Canvas, but they  will walk you through creating  additional apps for each lesson in your course, in order to  enable grade transfer.

If you plan to have grades transfer automatically between SI Cloud and Canvas, you need to create additional apps for each lesson in your SI Course (one app per lesson).

2. Select “View App Configurations”

3. Select the “+ App” button

4. Make sure "Configuration Type" is set to "Manual Entry"

5. Type a name in the "Name" field

The lesson names will be visible to students. We recommend naming each lesson app with the same name as the corresponding SI Cloud lesson.

  • Note: If you have other lessons/links in Blackboard with similar names, we recommend you add "Science Interactive" to the name (e.g., "Laboratory Safety — Science Interactive")

6. Copy and paste the Tool Provider information from SI Cloud into the appropriate sections in Canvas

For help finding your courses credentials in SI Cloud, see How to find the LTI Credentials for your course

  • Consumer Key = "Tool Provider Key" in SI Cloud
  • Shared Secret = "Tool Provider Secret" in SI Cloud
  • Launch URL= "Tool Provider URL" in SI Cloud
Tool provider fields as shown in SI Cloud

7. Make sure "Privacy" is set to "Public"

8. Copy and paste the first Lesson Hook from SI Cloud into the "Custom Fields" box in Canvas

Make sure to double check that the lesson hook you copy and paste is for the correct lesson (the lesson name above the hook in Cloud should match lesson name in the "Name" field in Canvas.

Lesson Hooks shown in SI Cloud

9. Click "Submit"

10. Click "Yes, Install Tool."

11. Repeat steps 1-10 for each lesson in your SI course

Once you've added apps for all the lessons, you can move on to the next steps to complete your integration: Step 3: Connecting the Course App in Your Modules and Step 4: Connecting the Lesson Apps in Modules & Assignments

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