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Part 4: How to add Lesson Links to your Canvas course (LTI 1.3)

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Icons representing the steps for integration

Once your first course is connected, you're ready to add links for each lesson in your SI Cloud course so that students can access them.

Follow the steps below to add lesson links to your Canvas course.

1. Select your course in the Dashboard tab in Canvas

Dashboard - Google Chrome

2. Locate the module where you want the lesson link and select the "+" button

BIO 122 - Google Chrome

3. Select "External Tool" from the top dropdown

BIO 122 - Google Chrome

4. Select the SI Cloud tool from the list

Your LMS Admin selected this name. It is likely "[Course Name] - SI". If you can't find it, contact your admin.

BIO 122 - Google Chrome

5. Select the lesson you want to add to this module

HOL Forensics 101 - Google Chrome

6. Select "Connect Lesson"

HOL Forensics 101 - Google Chrome

In the next page, you will see the URL and Page Name fields autofilled with the information that Canvas has pulled from Cloud.

Don't edit these values.

7. Select "Add item"

HOL Forensics 101 - Google Chrome
BIO 122 - Google Chrome

9. Select the lesson link you just added

LTI 1.3 Setup Test Course - Google Chrome

10. Select "Load [lesson name] in a new window"

Getting Started - Google Chrome

11. Verify that you are taken to the first page of the lesson

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

After this page loads, you can close the SI Cloud tab.

If you are taken to a different lesson or an error page, review your selections in previous steps (such as selecting the correct lesson in Step 7 above).

12. Repeat steps 3–11 for each lesson in the course.

Don't worry, lesson links only need to be established when the course is set up for the very first time. Copies of the course create after this point will already be fully integrated with SI Cloud.

13. (Optional) Adjust the settings for each assignment in Canvas as needed

See instructions on how to edit your assignment settings in Canvas here.

Do not delete these grade items. Adjust the settings as needed, but if the grade items are deleted, Canvas will lose its connection to SI Cloud and grade syncing will not function.

If you don't see the SI lessons in the Assignments page, return to the Modules page and click on the missing lesson's link. Doing so will add it to the Assignments page.

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