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What is the New Gradebook?

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Our new Gradebook experience is an exciting upgrade for SI Cloud, focused on delivering a faster and more intuitive experience that gives you more control with fewer clicks.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

Streamlined Experience

Whether you are grading student-by-student or question-by-question, the new Gradebook is designed to make grading faster and easier than ever before. Spend less time grading and more time teaching.

  • Jump right in: Any grading flow you choose will take you directly to the question sets that need your input, making it easy to take breaks and return to grading later without losing your place.
  • Rebuilt Layout: Student responses are now side-by-side with our answer keys, which makes for a quick and easy comparison as you review.
  • Scrolling Navigation: Scroll through an entire lesson or question group without having to click between sections. When you're done with one set, you'll automatically be guided to the next submission without ever having to get exit your grading flow.
  • Tabbing navigation: Tired of scrolling? You can forget the mouse and use your keyboard to assign grades and tab through either grading flow for maximum efficiency.

New and Improved Tools

  • A New Look: Every page of the gradebook and grading experiences have been completely rebuilt and redesigned to provide more at-a-glance information than ever before.
  • QuickGrade: Assign a total lesson grade to a student's entire lesson in seconds.
  • Comments: Leave feedback for your students in the form of text, images, attachments, or video links. Plus, comments are now automatically saved!
  • Extra Credit and Penalties: Apply extra credit or late-work penalties to graded lessons as needed.
  • Improved Dashboard Indicators: At-a-glance information is now available and dynamic on every page of the gradebook—your progress bars and student scores now update in real time as you work, so you always know how much you've accomplished.
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