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Grading by Student: Interface Orientation

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Grading by Student allows you to grade the lesson of one student at a time before moving on to the next lesson or a different student.

Want to know what the elements of a Grading by Student page can do for you? Check out our overview below!

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
1. Top Navigation Bar

The Lesson and Student dropdowns at the top of the page allow you to navigate quickly between submitted lessons. You can either find other lessons by the same student, or find the same lesson submitted by other students.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

Lesson List

The lesson list dropdown allows you to navigate to other lessons that are ready for grading. If the current student has submitted the new lesson you select from the menu, you will be taken to the new lesson for the same student. If the current student has not submitted the new lesson you pick, you will be taken to the first available student's lesson.

  • Gold text: The currently selected lesson (Lab Safety in the example below)
  • White text: Other lessons that have submissions from any student
  • Gray text: Lessons that do not have any submissions yet
SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

Student List

The student list dropdown allows you to change which student's lesson you are grading.

  • Gold text: the currently selected student (Maria Notarte in the example below)
  • White text: Other students who have submitted this lesson
  • Gray text: Students who have not yet submitted this lesson
SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
2. Progress Bar

The progress bar on the top right of the screen shows how many questions in the currently-active lesson have already been graded (including auto-graded questions) and how many questions still require grading.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
3. Table of Contents

On the left side of the window, you'll see the Table of Contents for this lesson, organized by question type.

  • Gold highlight: The section highlighted in gold indicates where you are in the lesson. This highlight will move with you as you scroll through the lesson
  • "AUTO" tag: This green tag indicates sections that are completely auto-graded and require no further action to complete. The gradebook will automatically scroll you past these sections when you enter a lesson, but you can always scroll back up to review and provide additional feedback on these questions if needed.
  • Ungraded sections: All sections with no grades yet will display with a dash in place of the points earned (such as " -/3" in the image below
  • Section scores: As you grade each question in a section, it's score will be added to the total grade shown next to that section.
SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
4. Question Grading Window

In the main part of your screen you can see the student's answer to each question displayed in white  will see a question and the student's response on the left with an answer guide for reference on the right.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
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