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How to assign a QuickGrade to a lesson

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Use the QuickGrade feature to give a student's lesson an overall grade for completion instead of grading question-by-question.

Note that if you choose to use QuickGrade in a lesson, you can revert back to individually grading the questions, but you will need to manually re-grade the student's lesson whether any grading had been done before or not.

1. In the Gradebook Dashboard, select "Grade"

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

2. At the bottom of the page, select the entry box for "Total Lesson Score" and enter a value

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

3. In the popup, select "Apply"

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
What if I want to undo QuickGrade?

1. At the bottom of the lesson grading page, select "Undo QuickGrade"

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

2. In the confirmation popup, select "Undo"

Note that making this selection means that you will need to re-grade all of the student's answers manually.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
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