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How to Grade by Question

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View and grade all submitted student answers to an individual question and then move on to the next question in the lesson.

Follow the steps below to grade your students' lessons!

1. Select "Start grading"

Hol - Google Chrome

2. Select "Grade by question"

Hol - Google Chrome

This button will take you to the earliest lesson that has student answers that need to be graded. Most often, this will be the first exercise of the Experimentation section as the Exploration section usually only has auto-graded question.

3. Review the first student's answer to the question and assign a grade in the grade entry field

A sample answer is given to the right of the student's answer for comparison.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

Grade values are automatically saved when entered. Note that the grade bar changes from orange to teal once a grade is saved.

4. Enter any additional comment you would like to leave for the student

This is optional, and the comment box will only appear after a grade has been assigned.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
See more on adding comments here

1. At the bottom of a question, place your cursor in the "Comment..." field

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

2. Type your comment

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

Your comment will automatically save.

3. You can format your comment using the formatting toolbar

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

See more about the formatting toolbar here.

4. To add a file, select the paperclip icon in the top right corner of the Comment field

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

4.1. Include a text file, .PDF, .JPG, or embedded video

SIU – Figma - Google Chrome

5. To delete your comment, select the trash icon

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

5. Select "Next Student" or scroll down to move on to the next student's answer

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

6. Repeat this process until the entire lesson is graded and then select "Next Question" on the bottom right of the page to grade the next question in the lesson

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

6.1. Alternatively, you can use the top navigation bar to jump to any other submitted question in the course

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
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