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Grading by Question: Interface Orientation

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Grading by Question allows you to grade an individual question answered by each student in your course before moving on to the next question.

Want to know what the elements of a Grading by Question page can do for you? Check out our overview below!

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
2. Progress Bar

The progress bar on the top right of the screen shows how many questions in the lesson have already been graded (including auto-graded questions) and how many questions still require grading.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
3. Student List

The student list on the left side of the screen displays all students that have completed the lesson you are currently viewing. A number in the score box indicates that that student's answer has been graded for this question, while a dash indicates that the student's answer needs to be reviewed and graded. A "QuickGrade" indicator shows that the student's lesson was graded using the QuickGrade option and does not need to be graded.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
4. Question Window

In the question window, you will see the question and each student's answer in sequential order on the left side and the answer guide for reference on the right.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
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