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Getting to know the Gradebook Dashboard

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When you first enter the new Gradebook, you will see the redesigned dashboard, which gives you a complete overview of your course. From here, you can check student progress and grade submitted lessons.

Learn more about the dashboard elements below.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
1. Gradebook Progress Bar

This indicator shows you how many lessons have been submitted and have been graded (teal) and how many are awaiting grading (gold).

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
2. Start Grading button

Select this button to begin grading your students' lessons.

See how to grade by student.

See how to grade by lesson.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
3. Download Lesson Data and Gradebook Settings

Download Lesson Data: Select this button to download your gradebook data as a .CSV file.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

Gradebook Settings: With the initial launch of our New Gradebook, this button will return you to the Classic Gradebook page, where you can set lesson weights as needed. The New Gradebook's setting page is coming in the very near future!

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
4. Gradebook Search and Sorting

Gradebook Search: Type a name in the search box to find a specific student.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

Gradebook Sort: Select the dropdown to change the list sorting from ascending to descending alphabetical order.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
5. Lesson Grade Indicators.

The grade indicators give you up-to-date information about your students' progress and which lessons are ready to be graded.

Find out more about the lesson grade indicators here.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
6. Dashboard Tooltip

Hovering over an indicator bar will give you some quick information about the student's lesson.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
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