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How to add comments for students while grading

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Instructors can leave comments and feedback for students in their graded lesson. This feedback can be used to congratulate students on their achievement and insight, or to provide guidance and reminders for future learning.

1. At the bottom of a question, place your cursor in the "Comment..." field

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

2. Type your comment

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

Your comment will automatically save.

Check out your comment formatting options here

You can format your comment in a variety of ways.

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
  1. Text size: Make your comment as large or as small as you need.
  2. Text format: Bold, italics, strikethrough, and underline are available to give your comment emphasis.
  3. Superscripts and subscripts: Perfect for equations and chemical formulas.
  4. Text and background color: Personalize or highlight your comment.
  5. Alignment: Orient your comment on the page.
  6. Numbered or bulleted list: Organize your thoughts for easy reading.
  7. Hyperlink: Include a link to a reference page or tool that would be helpful for the student.

3. To add a file, select the paperclip icon in the top right corner of the Comment field

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome

3.1. Include a text file, .PDF, .JPG, or embedded video

SIU – Figma - Google Chrome

4. To delete your comment, select the trash icon

SI Gradebook - Google Chrome
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