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Copying a Master Course in Canvas


We've designed the SI Cloud LTI so that it can be applied to a Canvas master course without the need for further updates. This is a guide to copy a Canvas course from a master in Canvas. There are a few reasons you may want to do this:

  1. You have several sections of the same course
  2. You are teaching the same course in subsequent terms
  3. Your institution has several instructors teaching the same course

These instructions will help you save time and effort. If you need instructions for the initial setup, see Creating Apps in Canvas.

1. In the master course in Canvas, navigate to "Settings," then select "Copy this Course"

2. Adjust all appropriate information in the "Name," "Course Code," and "Date" fields. Ensure the "All content" radio button is selected and select "Adjust events and due dates." Select "Create Course."

3. You will be redirected to "Current Jobs." Navigate to the Dashboard to find the copied course.

5. You will be redirected to "Course Setup."  Fill in all sections and select "Complete Setup."

This action creates a new instance (section) of your course in both SI Cloud and Canvas. All lesson apps will connect after this step is completed. For complete instructions on how to fill out the Couse Setup page please see Complete Course Setup

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