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Part 5: How to add lesson links in Blackboard Ultra (LTI 1.3)

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Once your first tool is placed, you're ready to add links for each lesson in your SI Cloud course so that students can access them.

Follow the steps below to add lesson links to your Blackboard course.

1. Create a course shell according to your institution's policies and procedures

2. In the course shell, select "Content"

Content – Physics 101 - Google Chrome

3. Select "Add Content"

Document1 - Word

4. Select "Content Market"

Document1 - Word

5. Select the tile with your course name

This is likely [Course Name] - SI Cloud

Document1 - Word

6. Select the lesson you want to connect

Document1 - Word

7. Select "Connect lesson"

Blackboard 1.3 | Microsoft Teams

8. Select the three-dot menu next to the lesson

Document1 - Word

9. Select "Edit"

Document1 - Word

10. Check the box for "Open in new window"

Document1 - Word

11. Select "Save"

Document1 - Word

12. Select the lesson you just connected

Document1 - Word

13. Verify that the lesson appears

14. Repeat these steps for each lesson that you would like to add to your course

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