Complete Course Setup

Updated Dec 15, 2020

This set of instructions will help you use best practices and suggestions to complete the Course Setup page. Select the links on Master Course Creation and Which hook is best? for more specific details and setup.

1. Fill in the name of the course.

Using your institution's naming conventions is highly recommended.

2. Fill in the Course Session Name with the term the course will be active. For example, Spring 2021 or October 2021, depending on your institution's guides and course offering.

3. Select the check boxes for "Enable LTI Grade Sync" and "Enable Student Final Report Download."

The Enable LTI Grade sync function ensures  that lesson links are able to pass grades back to the LMS Grade book. Check out How does grade pass-back and auto-grading work? for more specific details.

The Enable Student Final Report Download function gives students the ability to download a PDF of all of their work for each lesson.

These functions can be used at the same time. However, disabling the PDF function decreases students' ability to post their answers online.

4. Fill in the section open and close dates.

For the Start Date, always select today's date. This will ensure you have access to the course to begin setup and complete integration.

For the End Date, select a date that allows for any make up work to be completed or grading to be finished. One month past the actual semester end date is our recommendation.

5. Fill in the actual class start date.

6. Select the "Complete Setup" button.

If you experience any issues, contact your LMS Admin or your Science Interactive Account Manager.

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