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Adding Course Hooks in D2L/Brightspace (New Experience LTI 1.1)

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D2L/ Brightspace instructors can integrate the Science Interactive platform by using LTI credentials found in SI Cloud. If you need help locating the LTI credentials, please follow the steps in How do I find the LTI hooks for my course?

This set of instructions helps you add the external learning tool and link it in the content section of your D2L/Brightspace course.

If your D2L/Brightspace interface does not match the images below, you may be using a different version of their LTI tool. Check out the instructions for the Classic Experience here.

1. In the content section of your D2L/Brightspace course, select "Add Existing"

Product Development - D2L updated 1.png - All Documents - Google Chrome

2. Select "External Tool Activity"

Product Development - D2L updated 2.png - All Documents - Google Chrome

3. Select "Manage External Learning Tools"

Product Development - D2L updated 3.png - All Documents - Google Chrome

7. Find and copy the "Tool Provider Key" and "Tool Provider Secret" in SI Cloud

8. Paste the Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret into the "Key" and "Secret" fields, respectively

9. Select "Add custom parameters." Then, in the "Save Changes" pop-up, select "Save"

10. Copy the course hook information from SI Cloud into "Custom Parameters" in D2L

Note: Hooks are displayed in SI Cloud as one unit, like this: course_hook=hol-mcourse-********

In D2L, the hooks need to be separated into two parts. In order to do this, place "course_hook" into the name section, then place everything after the "=" sign in the value section (ex: hol-mcourse-********). Do not put the "=" sign anywhere.

10.1. Find the Master Course Hook code string in your Cloud course settings page

In the next step, "course_hook" (yellow) and the unique course identifier (blue) will be copied into fields in D2L.

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

10.2. Copy "course_hook" into the Name field and the unique course identifier into the Value field

Edit Link - Course Hook - 15 - sciintdemo - Google Chrome

11. Select all the check boxes under "Security Settings," then select "Save and Close"

13. Select the three dot dropdown and select "Edit"

Product Development - D2L updated 4.png - All Documents - Google Chrome

14. Select the "Open in a new tab" radio button.

Product Development - D2L updated 5.png - All Documents - Google Chrome

15. In the "In Grade Book" dropdown, select "Reset to Ungraded"

Product Development - D2L updated 6.png - All Documents - Google Chrome

16. Select "Save and Close"

Product Development - D2L updated 8.png - All Documents - Google Chrome

Selecting the link takes you to the Course Setup form in Cloud.

18. Complete the Course Setup form in Cloud

For instructions on completing this form, see "Complete the Course Setup page."

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