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Completing the "Course Setup" page

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This guide will help you to complete the Course Setup page. Check out the dropdowns below for more information on each section of the page.

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1. Course Name
  • When naming a course, most instructors use their institution's naming conventions. For example, "Environmental Science 101" or "CHEM 120." Often, this name stays the same from semester to semester.
2. Course Session Name
  • The name of the individual instance of this course, such as "Spring 2023."
3. Instructor
  • This field only appears if an Institution Admin or Instructor Admin is creating the session. Once you begin typing a name, Cloud will suggest matches that you can select.
4. Settings
  • Enable LTI Grade Sync: With this checkbox selected, Cloud will send student grades back to your LMS. Check out How does grade pass-back and auto-grading work? for more specific details.
  • Enable Student Final Report Download: With this checkbox selected, students have the ability to download a PDF of their work for each lesson. In the interest of academic integrity, we recommend not checking this box.
  • Maintain Instructor Notes: When checked, Cloud will carry forward any notes the instructor has added in previous SI Cloud sections of this course.
  • Maintain Gradebook Weights: When checked, any grade weight changes the instructor made in previous SI Cloud sections of this course are preserved in the new semester.
5. Section Dates
  • Start Date: This is the date that students can enroll in the course and order or register their kits.
  • End Date: This is the date that the course closes to students.
  • Course Start Date: This is the date that students will begin completing coursework.
6. Complete Setup

After you've filled the form in, select the "Complete Setup" button to get your course started!

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