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Moodle Instructor Quick-Start Guide (LTI 1.1)

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We are excited to partner with you in providing students with a best-in-class online science course and distance laboratory experience. We've created this simple checklist to help you get started and to walk you through the LTI set up process.

1. Access the SI Cloud and review your course

Once your distance learning specialist has set up your course, you'll be able to dig into the content and make sure everything is as you like it.

1.1. Logging into your SI Cloud account

Your distance learning specialist will let you know as soon as your account is set up and ready for access. Once they do, you can sign in here: 

(We recommend bookmarking that link for easy access)

1.2. Getting to know the platform

The award-winning SI Cloud was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, and these resources can help you get started:

1.3. Reviewing and customizing your course

Our robust curriculum comes completely ready to ensure student success, but if you want to add your own voice to the content, feel free to use any of the SI Cloud's great customization tools:

Follow the links below to see detailed instructions for each step.

  1. Locate your LTI credentials in Cloud
    • You'll use these to connect your LMS course to your Cloud course.
  2. Configure an external tool (Optional Admin instructions)
    • You can send the article linked above to your institution's Moodle administrator so they can add the SI Cloud as a tool in Moodle.
  3. Add the External tool to your Moodle course
    • This step will connect your Moodle course to your SI Cloud course so that grades can transfer and students can enroll.
  4. (Optional) Copy your Moodle course if your institution will have multiple sections of this course.

3. Share access information & ordering instructions with your students

How and where you distribute this information is completely up to you, but the dropdowns below provide details and helpful articles for your students.

Item 1: Student Access

Provide your students with this link: How Do I Access My Course through my LMS? to guide them on how they will be working through the course in Blackboard.

Item 2: Ordering Instructions

 Provide your students with the appropriate instruction link below to help them purchase their kits and/or access course content:

If your students will order their kits... Provide them with these instructions
Directly from Science Interactive How Do I Order Through the SI Cloud?
Via vouchers purchased from your institution or bookstore How Do I Redeem A Voucher?
Directly from your bookstore/ institution I Have My Kit, How Do I Access My Course?
FAQ: How does course content get unlocked?
  • If your course is all-digital (meaning it has no physical kit), student content will unlock once students complete check out or redeem a voucher. 
  • If students purchase kits directly from us (or if they will use vouchers from your bookstore), course content will unlock once the order is placed.
  • If students purchase physical kits from your bookstore, they will use a kit code to unlock the content.

4. Let the learning begin!

You should be all set for this new semester! If you need additional help, don't hesitate to reach out to your distance learning specialist, who will be happy to provide you with resources and support.

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