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Reactivate or Duplicate a Deactivated Course

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1. Check the "Show deactivated courses" check box under the list of Courses.

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2. Deactivated Courses display in a gray field. Follow these steps to reactivate a course. To Duplicate a Course, skip to Step 3.

2.1. Select "Reactivate"

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2.2. At the bottom of the Course Instance page, enter in a new end date that is after the current date.

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2.3. Enter a valid Class Start Date.

The field may display "Invalid Date" if the course was originally created before the Class Start Date field was implemented. This will prevent you from reactivating the course if you do not enter a valid date.

Re: Cannot Reactivate Course - Message (HTML)

3. Follow these steps to Duplicate a Course.

3.1. On the right side of the page, select the Duplicate button of the course you would like to Duplicate.

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3.2. Fill in the course information in the Clone Course Instance page.

You can find more information in our Duplicate Courses guide.

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