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Regular vs. Master Course Hooks: Which is Best?

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There are two different types of hooks that you can use when setting up the LTI connection for your Science Interactive course: course hooks and master course hooks. Both types work for LTI, so  this article will help you figure out which type will be best for your situation.

Master Course Hooks

Master hooks are the recommended option, and are always the best option if your school will have multiple sections of the same course, whether that means multiple instructors teaching one course or one instructor teaching multiple sections. 

Master course hooks enable multiple sections of the same course to be synced up with Cloud sections, without having to re-do the full LTI integration process each time. 

Regular Course Hooks

Course Hooks are generally not our preferred option, but will work in the following situations:

  • If your school has one instructor teaching only one section of the course. Keep in mind that, when using this option, course hooks will need to be updated in any additional semesters or sections of the course.
  • If the master course hook does not work. While this is uncommon, you can substitute the regular hook for the master course hook if the master course hook is not working.

Course hooks function similarly to master hooks, except they need to be updated for new sections and semesters of the course. 

When using course hooks, you can still use the master lesson hooks in the LTI integration, which means you won't have to update the lesson hooks for new sections/semesters.

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