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How do Course and Lesson Hooks work?

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Course and lesson hooks are unique strings of code that allow your LMS to sync with the SI Cloud. Using them allows us to transfer gradebook data and student enrollments between the platforms automatically. Each course and lesson hook is unique to your section in the SI Cloud.

  • The Course Hook connects Cloud and your LMS at the section level
    • The course hook connects your LMS section to a corresponding section on the SI Cloud.
    • This allows students to automatically enroll in the right section of the SI Cloud via a link in your LMS.
  • The Lesson Hooks connect Cloud and your LMS at the assignment level.  
    • Once we know which sections match up, the lesson hook tells us which specific lesson in the SI Cloud aligns with which assignment in your LMS section.
    • This allows grades in the SI Cloud to transfer to your LMS gradebook automatically and to the right assignments
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